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Idaho Cleanup Project

The Idaho Cleanup Project is dedicated to the safe, environmental cleanup of the Idaho National Laboratory site, located 45 miles west of Idaho Falls. The current phase encompasses a seven year, $2.9 billion project funded through the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Management which targets legacy waste generated from reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel, production of nuclear weapons, government-owned research and defense reactors, laboratory research, and defense missions at other Department of Energy sites. The cleanup efforts include:
  • Disposal/disposition of nuclear materials
  • Management of spent nuclear fuel
  • Closure of former high-level waste tanks used to store waste from spent nuclear fuel reprocessing
  • Treatment and disposal of radioactive waste streams
  • Cleanup of contaminated soil and water
  • Demolition of high-risk and excess facilities including nuclear reactors and high-risk facilities used for reprocessing and other defense missions.
The current cleanup phase is scheduled to end in 2012 and is part of a larger effort to complete the cleanup of the site. Target date for final cleanup of the site, including disposition of radioactive and hazardous waste is 2035.

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